Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bad Habits

Hi everyone. Sorry I have been slacking on the posts. It's not that I have been really busy. It's just that ever since I got sick and then we went to Montana, I have been out of the habit of posting. But I promise to try and get back into my normal routine of a daily post.

Tonight was a nice night with Sera. We took her Geocaching after dinner and let he find some treasure. She liked it so much that we are going to try and go again this weekend as long as the weather is nice enough. I'll be sure to take my camera along to get some pictures. But for now, here is a cute picture of Gabe who instead of crawling forward, scooted backwards under his play mat. I am sure that within the next few weeks, my sweet baby boy will turn into a tiny crawling gremlin.

This was Gabe the other night. He was so tired but he would not settle down enough to let us put him to bed. Instead, he wanted to roll around on our bed making grumble noises and looking angry. But even his angry face is cute. And no matter what mean things, like bedtime, that we try to do to him I know that his shirt doesn't lie. He still loves us.

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