Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy 8 Months

Happy 8 Month Birthday Little Man!

Eight months...I can hardly believe it. I look at you with your two bottom teeth, chubby little legs, and bright blue eyes and I still see a tiny baby. But then I go back and look at the photos from the day you were born and I realize how big you really are. And I am sure that this will happen for the rest of your life. Everyday I will see you as my sweet baby boy and every day you will do something to remind me that you are growing up right before my eyes.

This month has been jam-packed with firsts. It started with your first long car trip to Montana where you met your Uncle Todd for the very first time. You did such a good job being in the car for 7-8 hours. Both your Dad and I were surprised and grateful that you did so well. And we are VERY GRATEFUL for your big sister Sera who was so willing to play with you and keep you entertained during those few moments that you started to get bored.

And in just these past few days, you have learned how to crawl. Now I will say this, you can't crawl well. In fact, it is more of a scoot that you can only do for short distances and then you have to stop. But I am still excited to see how you progress with this.

I will never forget the first moment your Dad and I saw you crawl. I had just finished making dinner. You Dad had just finished feeding you your dinner. He got up and came into the kitchen to grab his plate and as we both turned to corner to come around and into the living room and there you were. On all fours and you scooted forward-first your left knee and then your right. I let out a sqeal and it startled you so much that you stopped. I looked at your Dad and said, "DID YOU JUST SEE THAT?!?!" All he could do was smile so big and nod. We were both so proud of Gabe. You make us so happy.

You have also learned how to sit up all on your own. Now you can roll from one end of the room to the other, stop, and sit up. You don't sit up by lying on your back and sitting straight up from there. Oh no! You get up onto all fours and sort of back into a sitting position. This has become very useful for you because now you can roll to an item and sit up to play with it.

You are becoming so very expressive! Your actions are really starting to let your actions do your talking. This can be adorable like when you eat something yummy and you smile and wave your arms all around. Or it can be frustrating like when you eat something not so yummy and you try to slap the spoon away. Or like when I am trying to change your butt and you fight me every step of the way. You will roll away, kick your legs, or arch your back and this causes me stress. You get poop on yourself, on me, and on the floor. I guess we need to start trying to teach you what "NO" means now. DANG IT!

But despite the fact the sometimes you are a grumpy little stink, you are the sunshine in my day. You smile at me and your blue eyes light up. You lean in and give me "baby kisses" which are slobbery and sweet. And you will still fall asleep in my arms at times and snuggle up against me. I love you so much Gabriel Scott. You bring me a level of happiness I never knew I could reach.

So Happy 8 Month Birthday Chunky Monkey! Number 9 is sure to be even better! WE LOVE YOU!

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