Monday, May 24, 2010

He's a Real Mover

Hello again Internet! Another week down and not much has been going on. I will mention that today is Ryan's 28th birthday. Sera picked out a new shirt and jeans for him. Gabriel bought him the last expansion for his Killer Bunnies game. And I bought him tickets to the CAKE concert for June 19th. He did not have to work today so he spent his time relaxing with Gabe and playing with his new Droid phone. I will admit that I am worried he's going to have an affair with his new phone.

Now that I have said all that: TIME FOR BABY PICTURES!!!

This is a picture of Bubs with a wipe on his head. For some reason this wipe was really freaking him out. And the look on his face says it all!

A little later that day we gave Gabe his first real taste of an Otter-Pop. He loved the whole thing except he did not want to hold it-I think it must have been too cold for him. I also find it FREAKING ADORABLE that his food matches his eyes.

And finally this video is for Grandma Linda, Grandpa Scott, Great Grandpa Willard, and Uncle T. Let me start by saying sorry to Linda for not getting this loaded sooner. It seems like every time I went to take video, something went wrong with my camera or Gabe started screaming. But tonight I finally got it right and I give you Bubs On the Go! The quality isn't perfect but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Much love to all our all family and friends from Montana, Utah, and everywhere else!

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Linda said...

thanks, that started my morning off with a big smile. Love you guys,