Sunday, March 21, 2010

Suckiest Bunch of Sucks That Ever Sucked

Notice anything about Gabe's right eye? Does it looks a little puffy or PINK to you? IT DOES?!?! Well that must mean Gabe got Pink Eye. And the title of this post represents how I feel about the last few days I have spent taking care of my sick baby boy. So now you know why I have not posted almost all this week. Gabe got sick on Wednesday afternoon at daycare and by the time I got home from work, he was sitting on the couch with his Dad and his right eye was almost swollen shut. Funny thing was he was still smiling and laughing.

So Thursday Ryan stayed home with him and took him to the doctor where he was given this gel that we have to rub into his eye. Let me tell you how much he doesn't love that. He screams and jerks his head like he just licked an electrical outlet.

And his mood only got worse over the next couple days. Friday my Mom and sister helped me out by watching him while I went to work for a few hours. But the rest of the night he was cranky and miserable. Saturday was just more of the same. I know he is also teething and so this does not help his mood any. I will say this though, my Little Bird will always feel well enough to eat no matter how poorly he feels.

Today has been much better though. His eye is still a little goopy but his mood has improved so much. He is still pretty sleepy and gets a little fussy as well but I can tell he is feeling better. This is good because if he hadn't stopped crying soon I was going to give him to the Goblin King. (JUST KIDDING!)

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Linda said...

I'm glad he is feeling better. Nothing is more unfun that a sick child. However I have to admit his dad was terrible about taking any meds. He might of thought it was child abuse when I had to hold him down to get meds down him for ear infections. Me, too,but he had to take it. He was too smart to trick. I tried everything. But he was a very loved child.