Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Review

This week has been such a busy week. Both Ryan and Gabe were sick and so I was busy taking care of them. And yes, both are better now. I am not going to write much here because honestly, other than 2 sick boys, nothing too exciting has really happened.

This first picture is from yesterday when we gave Gabe his first bath in the kitchen sink. The first time he splashed the water with his hand he stopped, looked at his hand, and started to splash all the water from the sink. The floor was one GIANT puddle by the time we finished the bath.

This one shows just how flexible this little man is. And he loves eating his feet. I am not sure why babies love this but I am sure glad that they do because it makes for adorable pictures!!!

And finally this picture shows just how good Gabe is at sitting up. We have been really working with him so that by the time we headed to Montana for Easter he would be able to sit up on his own. This picture makes me oh so proud of him!

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