Monday, March 1, 2010

6 Months


Happy 6th Month of life Bubba! You are turning into such a big boy. As each month slips by your Dad and I are so pleased with everything you are becoming. And with this past month your "little" personality has really begun to shine. I mean just look at this picture-I was trying to get your 6 month picture and you thought it would be more fun to mess with my tape measure. And you look so cute that I decided to just leave the picture like it is.

You are interested in so many things. And you stay focused on the things you want. If you see something that you want to chew on, you keep on trying until you either get whatever it is (my hair, a cell phone, a pen, car keys, wash cloth, ect) or we have to completely seperate you from the object before you'll forget.

You are working so hard on sitting up. I know you are on the verge of being able to really sit on your own. Right now you can hang in there and sit for a couple minutes but we have to stay right by you because if we don't and you tip, you may face plant into the carpet and let me tell you, YOU GET PISSED!

You also are very particular about what you want to eat and from whom you want to eat. There are times you only want me and then the next time, you'll scream until your Dad bottle-feeds you. And you also love your baby food. You loves almost all things with the exception of squash-you still don't like squash. But you love all types of fruit, sweet potatoes, carrots, and most of the "fancy" dinners like "Chicken with Rice" or "Turkey and Sweet Potatoes" or my personal favorite "Ham with Pineapple and Rice." I wonder if you will always be such a good eater and if you are as good of a kid as you have been as a baby, all signs point to yes.

Your interest in the world around you has just EXPLODED! You are always checking things out, reaching out and grabbing things, licking things (Yes, licking.), and absorbing all that is around you. Part of your curiousity has shown itself by you looking towards the sounds you hear. We can say your name or make a funny noise you will turn you head to see what it going on. It makes us smile and we like to think that you are starting to know your name a little.

You love playing with your sister Sera. She will dance and sing for you and you just giggle and smile. You love our dog Freya and think it is funny when she licks your face. You like playing peek-a-boo when we sneak up and say "HI!" You are crazy about your exer-saucer and your foam blocks. And you smile when ever you see your Dad and I after you have been at daycare all day.

You are also starting to teeth and so you are often crabby in the evenings. It can sometimes be hard on your Dad and I because we are used to you always being so smiley and happy. But it is just one more step in you growing up, so we understand. But I will be honest when I say I can't wait until it is over.

But no matter how cranky you get Bubs, we will always love you unconditionally. It is hard for me to believe that you are really six months old but as I look back at this blog and see everything you have done, I can only be excited for what will come next. Thank you for making these past 6 months the BEST 6 months of my life Gabriel Scott. I love you very much and hope your next 6 months are just as amazing as the first.

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Baby Mama said...

Uh, hello skinny. You look great. I can't believe you had a baby six months ago. That little boy of yours is such a curious george. I love your blog!