Saturday, March 13, 2010

Geometry Is Not Her Strongest Subject

Last night Ryan picked up Sera for our weekend. When they got home, Gabe, myself, and my sister Becca were already here at the house. Sera loves Becca because as I have mentioned before, Becca will do all sorts of fun stuff with her that often leads to mischief. Last night they decided to use the big foam blocks to build towers up around Gabe so that he could knock them down. They did this by Sera looking at a picture and then directing Becca on where to place certain blocks. Becca, always looking to sneak learning in where she can, was asking Sera what shapes all the blocks were. Green square...CHECK. Purple triangle...CHECK. Polka dot triacticle....wait what? Folks, you heard me right. Sera was trying to remember the word rectangle and instead came out with triacticle. Personally, I like it much better than the world rectangle but oh well.

After building block time was over "someone" started throwing blocks (NO! NOT ME) and one thing led to another and Sera ended up getting pegged in the face by a not-so-soft red bridge looking thing. Ryan tends not to know his own strength and while trying to play, instead smacked Sera in the face with a block. Sera didn't cry and there was no mark, I think it startled her more than anything. And I will be honest that it was all Bec and I could do not to burst out laughing.

We also had dinner and played one game of Killer Bunnies. After all that Becca headed home and I read Sera a very long book about kangaroos. Fun fact: kangaroos cannot go backwards because their tails are too long.

It was a great night with the family. Ryan was really tired and didn't feel up to going out anywhere and now I am okay with that. It was such a quiet but fun night at home with my family. But in hindsight maybe instead of reading a book about kangaroos we should have read one about shapes...triacticle...

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