Friday, June 19, 2009

A Not So Quick Update

Hello to everyone! Another week down and another week closer to everything changing…for the better of course. J I will be 28 weeks pregnant on Sunday and I could not be happier that things have still continued to go well for me. I will admit that certain things are getting harder to do, like vacuuming my stairs or carrying heavy bags of litter for the ferrets. But for the most part, I am still managing just fine on my own. Don’t misunderstand, however, I still miss Ryan like crazy and wish with all my heart he could just come home.

Ryan, as always, does everything he can for me even though he is a few hundred miles away. He calls every night and we talk. Sometimes it is only for a few minutes and other times it for an hour or so. We have also taken to using MSN video chat so that we can talk and play UNO or Poker at the same time. It has helped in me missing him quite a bit.

The baby is still doing well. I am getting used to feeling all the movement, which is a weird, but great feeling. My next doctor’s appointment is this next Tuesday. Hopefully I will not have gained 10 pounds, which what I feel like has happened. So far my weight gain has been perfect! Not gaining too much and not gaining too little. It is still strange to see how big I am starting to get and how tight my abdomen is. And the hot flashes….OH THE HOT FLASHES! I will literally have sweat SOAKING my hair at random times during the day. And all of this effects my sleeping and makes me very tired during the day. Pregnancy is supposed to be this beautiful thing, IT AIN’T! See that? I used the word ain’t folks…can you see the seriousness of this situation?

My step-daughter Sera was telling me the other night that I should put another baby in my tummy now so that it can start growing while the other baby is in there. That way, when the first baby comes out, I will already have another cooking. I wasn’t about to explain to her how having babies works…I’ll leave that conversation for a later date. But I do appreciate her enthusiasm at Ryan and I having babies and that she wants us to have many. I wanted to tell her that once I was able to swim to shore through the lake of sweat I am currently producing, I might be in a state of mind where I would consider doing this again. (Also as a side note, Sera is convinced that we are having a boy this time around. I shudder to think what happens if this one comes out with a vagina.)

Since I last updated, Ryan and I also celebrated our 2 year anniversary. It was a blessed event where I splurged and ordered take-out steak from Texas Roadhouse and chatted online with Ryan while playing UNO. Fabulous! Not exactly the dream evening that we would have liked but it was nice. And Ryan sent me roses, of course, which were gorgeous and perfect. I am one of those women who LOVES getting flowers and Ryan totally plays into that. I married one smart cookie! And he also does it because he loves me unconditionally and always tries to show me that. Such a great guy!

Also, for those of you who are in the loop, my most wonderful Grandma Diane is doing well. Her thyroid cancer is a stage 2 cancer which means she has to do radium therapy. The last I heard was that when the doctor removed her thyroid he got all of the cancer and that once she finishes her radium therapy, she should be good to go. Of course, this my Grandma’s second cancer so I’m sure she’ll have lots of follow up tests in the future to make sure she is still doing well. I am glad that her prognosis is so great and that she has such a positive outlook. I think a positive attitude makes a big difference in recovery.

That is going to be it for this update. I want to send love to all my friends that have been keeping in touch with me. And of course to my family, including my in-laws, who are always so supportive and caring! Love to you all until next time!

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