Saturday, May 30, 2009

Let's go to "The Goon"

So last Memorial Day my parents had this plan to go to Lagoon. I am not a fan of Lagoon on any normal day because it is so expensive just to get into the park-$41.95 plus tax just to get into the darn place! And then, on top of that, unless you bring your own food and drinks you have to pay like $3.50 for just a drink. It is crazy! My family always packs a cooler for food and drinks so we don’t have to pay for all that, but still, there are other fun things to do there that you have to pay for. Like the go-carts, for example, are about $7.00 a person. It is pretty ridiculous.

But on top of all that, I am six and a half months pregnant. So I totally wasn’t going to go. Like I would have fun just watching everyone go on rides? But then I talked to my brother Byron and he really wanted me to go so that it was he, my parents, and I. And then my mom offered to pay for my entrance into the park. So I agreed. Besides, there had to be something I could do right?

For all other pregnant women who are convinced to go to Lagoon by their loved ones, please be aware these are the rides that you can go:

Sky Ride-the one that goes from one end of the park to the other.
Ferris Wheel
Flying Aces
Dracula’s Castle-Please note that there are 2 haunted houses in Lagoon. Dracula’s Castle and then the Terroride, which is across from the merry-go-round. Only Dracula’s Castle was approved for pregnant women.

Six rides that I found in the entire park! I was actually impressed that there was even six. Now, I didn’t go on all of the rides I listed. There wasn’t time to do all that and for my family to go on the rides that they wanted to go on. I went on the train, flying aces, and, because my brother forced me to go with him, Dracula’s Castle. But on top of that, I had fun with my family. My parents are fun to be around and my brother always makes me laugh. Byron and my mom were even good enough sports to go on The Cliffhanger because I asked them to. It was such a fun day even though I couldn’t go on all my favorite rides. So I just wanted to say thanks to my family for making it such a fun day!

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