Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WHAT THE H@#$?!?!?

On Monday night I was driving home from work and saw perhaps one of the weirdest things I think I have ever seen. I have seen some pretty random things, like a man playing a trumpet while driving down I-15. (No I am not kidding.) This however, was in a class all it’s own.

On the side of the road I could see a cop car parked with its lights on. There were no other cars pulled over nor were there any motorcycles or even a bicycle. But the cop was obviously talking to someone…I just couldn’t see who that was.

As the traffic inched closer I could see people looking. So naturally, when traffic came to a stop, I looked too. What I saw…oh boy! There was a tall skinny man who appeared to be in his 60’s. He was very pale and his gray hair was obviously thinning. He was wearing over-sized sunglasses on his face. You would think the following would all be normal right? WRONG!

His top was a bright red sports bra. I blinked a couple times to be sure I was seeing things correctly. His bottoms were just as weird being that they were a pair of some of the shortest denim cutoff shorts I think I have EVER seen! And I believe he finished his outfit off with a pair of strappy red heels. I am not 100% sure about this because he was standing in grass.

Oh wait! I also forgot to mention that across his exposed abdomen, written in red paint or red lipstick or some sort of red substance was the word “SLUT.” I am sure that this is what encouraged the police officer to pull over. The man must have been on foot because like I said, the cop car was the only vehicle pulled over. I wish I knew what had been going on with guy! Was he crazy? Did he lose a bet? Or perhaps was he advertising? And that poor cop just looked so confused.

I wish I could have taken a picture with my camera phone but as soon as could take the image in, traffic started moving again and so I continued on my way home. I have, however, used my paint shop feature on my laptop to give you a CRUDE artist’s rendition. I hope that this amazes all of you as much as it did me. ENJOY!
P.S. Notice how happy my picture looks! I am sure that no matter what, this man was a very happy man!

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Boo said...

wow, that is so weird! I love your version... :D hope everything is going well. p.s. we need to get together sometime...