Monday, June 22, 2009

My New Top 10

Sitting at my desk this morning I was re-reading my blog and saw my list of the top 10 things that were driving me crazy about being pregnant. As I predicted, that list has changed. And so now, I shall update you on my newest top 10. (Please note: some of these things will be the same because sometimes, the fun never ends!)

1. The Sweating: Have I mentioned how sweaty I have become? The hot flashes are causing me to sweat gallons upon gallons of sweat. IT IS GROSS! I don’t like being the sweaty person.

2. The Hunger: I am always hungry! I can eat a meal and literally like an hour later I am starting to feel a little hungry. And by 2 hours later, look out! I will eat anything I can that isn’t labeled toxic.

3. The Hip Pain: As most pregnant women can tell you, the bones in our bodies start to get softer as they prepare to have a baby. And my hips, HOLY CRAP! They are getting so sore and after some of my longer days at work, I can barely walk that night.

4. The Heartburn: I have heard of pregnant women having awful heartburn and I get to join that club. I am eating so many Tums that I should just consider taking stock in the company.

5. The Hair Growth: As I was warned by other mothers, the rate of hair growth during pregnancy can change. And it has! OH JOY! Not to mention I had to pluck a hair off my chin this morning that was almost an inch long. How embarrassing is that?

6. The Bathroom Urgency: Does this really require an explanation? I am sure that this urgency is only going to get worse as the baby grows and puts more weight on my bladder.

7. The Hormones: I am cranky…A LOT! The end.

8. The Planning: Having a baby requires a lot of planning that I wasn’t prepared for. Sure the picking out of cute baby items is great, but do I really have to have a “Birth Plan”? I mean, isn’t the plan that is comes out after a certain point and then give you hell for the next 18 years? Doesn’t that sum it up?

9. The Rude Awakenings: This kid likes to move quite a bit and I am totally okay with that. I would rather have the baby be moving than not moving. I am totally fine with it except for the times I get a swift kick to my insides at 5 am and it wakes me up from sleep. But, I guess I should just get used to being woken up at all hours of the night since soon, it will be cries, and not kicks that sound the call.

10. The Sleeping Habits: I can no longer sleep comfortably. That is all there is to it and there is nothing I can do for the next 12 weeks. I have accepted that I will never sleep “normally” again.

So that is my latest list and undoubtedly it will change again before the next 12 weeks is done. But I am getting very excited to meet this kid who gives me so much grief sometimes. Every time I see a baby now, I get antsy. I want one and luckily, I won’t have to wait too much longer. Much love!

P.S. I am going to finally post my ultra-sound picture of my baby since many of you have asked. Sorry I have been a slacker!

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Becca said...

You never fail at making me laugh! what are your top ten favorite things about being pregnant? Give the rest of us not yet pregnant girls some positive insights!!!