Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Good Top 10...For Becca

Apparently I am scaring my sister Becca out of having kids. This was not my intention with my Top 10 lists. And poor Becca, she wants to have something like, 25 kids so I guess I had better do as she requests, and give my Top 10 things I enjoy about being pregnant. (I am only doing this because Becca is hand-making the invitations to my baby shower. She is Martha Stewart-The Next Generation.)

The Excuses: You know what I really great about being pregnant? I have an excuse for EVERYTHING! It is great! I don’t look great one day…I am pregnant. I get extra cranky cause I stayed up too late watching television…I am pregnant. I ate McDonalds for dinner…I am pregnant.

The Excitement: Not only am I excited about this kid that cooking, but so is everyone else! It is great. Ryan is. My family is. His family is. Sera is. I love the feeling that surrounds this child. Peanut (That is the baby’s nickname.) will be one loved little baby!

Cute Baby Stuff: I get to buy adorable things for this baby and Ryan totally doesn’t care. I my nursery set is freaking cute! I will post a picture of what the blanket from the set looks like so that you may bask in its cuteness as I do often do.

The Fact That I Don’t Have Gestational Diabetes: This is pretty self explanatory but still, the fact that my blood sugar isn’t goofy during pregnancy is just one more thing that I haven’t had to deal with.

No Morning Sickness: So many women complain about being so sick during pregnancy and I have not been sick at all. I cannot even begin to tell how great it is that I have not had to spend my days with my head inside a toilet bowel. I mean, on top of toilets being full of germs no matter how much bleach I use, throwing up is just unpleasant.

Reading to My Unborn Child: I believe that the little baby in my abdomen can, in fact, hear me. And my friend from work named Janell gave me this great book by Dr Seuss called “Oh Baby! The Places You’ll Go” which is a rewrite of his classic “Oh the Places You’ll Go” but is specifically done to be read to babies in-utero. I love that even though it my words may not come across clear, that my baby can still hear my voice.

When People Can Tell I Am Pregnant: The first time someone looked at me and asked, “So when are you due?” was one of the most satisfying moments of my life. Yes, I am going to be a mother. Thank you for noticing and not just assuming that I am getting fatter.

The Kicks: I know that I have complained about these kicks waking me up on my list before, but they are also one of the coolest feelings that I have ever experienced. It is Peanut’s way of saying “Hello. I am still here.” I love it in a very special way.

The Naps: Finally, I can nap all I want and people don’t look at me like I am lazy. I simply tell them that I need extra sleep because I am making another human being!

All You Need Is Love: I know that being pregnant has made that statement even truer than it was before. I love Ryan more now than I did before. This baby makes my love for Sera stronger in that I realize now, how much of a miracle she is. It makes me love my Mom and Dad even more to know that they went through all of this to get me into this world. And my sibling for being so supportive. And more love to Ry’s family for how happy they are to have another little person joining the ranks. I there are more people I could list that I love even more now, but it would take way to much time to list you all. But you know who you are and why you are special to me. There is just so much love in the air and I couldn’t be happier.

So there you go Becca. Are you happy now? Will you please tell Spencer that you have changed you mind and someday you will let him have Spencer Jr.? I don’t want to be held responsible for him never getting an heir! And thanks to everyone who reads this and gets a laugh. Love to everyone!

P.S. I am going to say one thing that I hate…sorry Becca! The orange drink that I had to gag down to do my gestational diabetes test was AWFUL! I am glad my results came back normal but the prep was not pleasant.

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Becca said...

I knew you would pull through and make me not terrified of having children! OH the laughs I experience when I read your posts...priceless!!!