Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July Fun

Not only did this 4th of July mark Gabe's first 4th but we also got Sera this year as well. Ryan gets Sera every even year so we were really looking forward to this holiday. Sera is so much fun and Ryan and I miss having her around. We feel very lucky that it was Ryan's year to have Sera because we were needing to spend some extra special time with her.

We went to Veteran's Memorial Park in West Jordan on Saturday July 3. There was a HUGE carnival with rides, food, a movie in the park, and of course, Sera found the petting zoo right away! There were goats, bunnies, sheep, a pony, and the cute pig. Sera said that is was really hairy but I still think it was pretty cute! And a special thanks to Ryan for getting this cute picture. I had to wait outside the pen with Gabe and Linda.

After Sera spent a couple hours riding on rides with her Grandma Linda, we all settled in to watch the movie flushed away but as you can probably guess, we had more fun playing then watching a movie. And Ryan being the great guy that he is, went and bought a glow stick and some flashing devil horns which Sera thought were AWESOME!

And even though it may not look like it in this picture, Gabe loved them too! It was so much fun hanging out at the park with our family, Grandma Linda, and our neighbors Jay, Rosie, and Logan. We snacked on chips and cookies and just had a great time watching the kids hang out.

And when it finally came time for the fireworks, I will admit that I was a little worried about how Gabe might react. But let me tell you something Internet, this picture below says it all! He sat in Ryan's lap the whole time and could not take his eyes off the fireworks. No crying or screaming. He was hypnotized by all the lights and sounds. It was cute to watch Ryan and Gabe share that moment together while I got to cuddle with Sera while we watched the fireworks together.

The next day on July 4th we decided to take a family trip to Hogle Zoo with Grandma Linda. It was great to be able to spend so much time with Ryan's mom this past holiday. It made everything even more special. Linda is always so much fun to be around and it is great to she her relationship with the kids.

And of course no trip to the zoo would be complete without a ride on the carousel. This time Sera decided to ride the kangaroo because...wait for it...she wanted to slide down the tail once the ride was over. She is always good for a laugh. Her sense of humor is truly one-of-a-kind.

And Gabe also got his first ride on the carousel. We chose something a little less exciting and went on the peacock. Gabe was having a great time until the end of the ride when I smacked his head on the giraffe. OOPS! But eventually he forgave me.
When all was said and done, I felt like the weekend was way too short. We had so much fun with kids and I wish we had another couple days. Thanks to Linda for coming down and spending the time with us. We could not have asked for a better holiday weekend!

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