Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Missing Ryan

I have to say that when Ryan told me he was going to Texas for almost 2 weeks for some training with the air force I didn’t make a big deal about it for several reasons.

1. After not seeing him for seven months, two weeks seemed like nothing. (Not that I still wasn’t going to miss having him around!)
2. He is going to Texas so he shouldn’t be at risk of getting shot that is, unless, he insults the great state of Texas.
3. He signed up for this two-week class. They asked for volunteers and he thought it would be a good idea to go.
4. This allows me to watch all the crappy reality television I want!

And let me tell you, the first week was pretty good. Ryan and I both have laptops with webcams so we were able to talk on the phone and see each other. It was almost like he was really here except that no one was stealing my blanket in the middle of the night. I did just fine, even with having to nurse he sick ferret back to health, which is a WHOLE OTHER blog in itself. (Who knew that ferrets could get pneumonia? Other than the vet, I mean.)

But ever since about Saturday night, I have really started to miss Ryan. Sure he steals my blankets in the middle of the night, but he will also get me something to drink before he crawls into bed if I ask him. Yes, he stays up late playing on his computer, but he always wakes up a little early the next morning to help me if I need him. Yes, he leaves soda can all over the room, but he also there to help me clean everything up when I need him. Yes, he watches anime on adult swim, but he always invites me to watch it with him so we can spend time together. He’ll even watch my crappy reality television with me and what better to show someone you love them than watching shows you really hate and only complaining about it a little bit.

This week has been really awful without Ryan. I miss him so much it hurts. (I know that is really cliché but I can’t help that I didn’t come up with that phrase first! Here is a phrase that is all me: You’re as dense as the surface tension layer. Figure that one out!) He is my best friend and after two weeks without him, I really feel his absence. The room is a little cleaner but I don’t mind his clutter. I love Ryan and anytime I am away from him, I re-realize just how much he means to me and how much he impacts my life. I am so excited that he is coming home tomorrow night along with his anime, soda cans, and dirty socks!

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