Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One year older and wiser too...

One year older and wiser too…

Traditionally the next line in that song would be “Happy Birthday, to you!” but I choose to use it in celebration of Ryan’s and my first year anniversary. That’s right all you non-believers, we made it an entire year! (Okay so there weren’t many non-believers to my knowledge but I like to be dramatic. BIG SHOCK!) I didn’t go crazy or become an Emo in the almost seven months that Ryan was in Iraq nor have I gone insane from watching countless episodes of anime or cheesy Troma movies. (Any of you that know Troma, know my pain!) And Ryan is still a very manly man despite all the chick flicks, reality TV, and the many days of PMS where I was more she-devil than wife.

We both had many people tell us that the first year is always the hardest. And you would think with the being apart for the majority of it, the moving of his daughter, my surgery, and some of the other things that have happened we might be ready to punch each other in the kidneys. However, I think that compared to what I have seen some people go through, we had it easy. And if this was supposed to be the hardest, then I am really excited for the easy parts.

And Ryan, how can I even express how I feel about him? I love him so much it makes my heart feel weak. He still gives me butterflies when I see him. He still sends me flowers (yes even when he was in Iraq, he sent me roses!) all the time. He took such good care of me after I had my surgery. Even while suffering the loss of Grandmother Ryan found a way to be in Montana with his family and the right back here taking care of me. He called me nearly every day while he was in Iraq which wasn’t always easy or convenient for him but he did it because he never wanted me to have unnecessary stress. And above all, he puts up with me! I know I am opinionated and stubborn and Ryan just smiles, tells me to calm down, and works with me to find a solution. He rarely gets so upset with me that I can see the frustration. Most of the time, he just lets it all go and keeps on loving me, knowing that I will get over it.

Ryan has been my rock for a long time now and I cannot imagine any other man treating me as good as he does. He is romantic and thoughtful even though he doesn’t think he does enough. He is loyal and trustworthy. He puts up with me getting jealous when he talks about the 40-year-old women at his work who I picture looking more like 20-something Playboy bunnies than 40-something soccer moms. And more than anything else, Ryan’s love is truly unconditional. Who could really dream of anything more?

So our relationship is now one year older and I think we both are wiser too. We still love each other even through the “bad” times. We don’t go to bed angry. We always try to help each other out and remember to say thank you. And we tell each other we love each other every day. (And we mean it!)

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