Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dear Sera

Dear Sera:

Oh Sera-Bear! I love having you home with your father and me, finally. I forget how much you make me laugh. I always seem to get so involved with your father when you are in Arizona that by the time we get to see you again, my love for you explodes like a soda can in a freezer. I suddenly remember how funny you are and how much you love, well, everyone.

You have only been with us for about 4 days and already I can feel a change in the whole house. People are nicer because we always want to be setting the best example for you. Everyone seems to laugh and smile more. (Everyone also seems to be a little more tired at the end of the day.) I have also heard so many knock-knock jokes that my head might implode. The one you laughed over for a good ten minutes last night:
-Knock knock?
-Who’s there?
-Joe who?
-Joe blue. I’m a slew.

I am guessing that it was your impeccable rhyming skills or simply the silliness of that joke that amused you so. I laughed, not because your joke was really that funny in the “Comedy Central” way, but because you were laughing. I love how you find humor in the simple things.

You are also very helpful. Even though sometimes we have to ask you eight times before you’ll even acknowledge your father or I are standing there, you always do it eventually. You are even dressing yourself in the mornings as long as I set your clothes out for you the night before-your father isn’t even that good. (Joking Ryan!)

I hope that you are enjoying your time with us. I don’t take offense that every night you want your Dad to read you your bedtime story because I get to do so many other things for you. I am just grateful that when that story is over and we have said our bedtime prayer, you always give me a hug and kiss and tell me you love me. I could have never imagined just how wonderful that makes me feel.

You are a brilliant and talented little girl and I see more and more of your Dad in you all the time. I hope you know how lucky you are to have such an amazing father who gave you such amazing genetics. And this summer, I hope that I am able to help you grow and become an even better person.

So someday, when you read this note from me, I hope you smile knowing how much I love spending this precious and all-too-brief time with you. Even when you ask awkward questions like, “When are you and Daddy going to have a little sister for me?” it makes me happy. And having you around, makes me want to have more kids, so you never know…you may get the answer to that question sooner than we all think.

Your Dad and I love you so much Sera! And this summer is going to bring us all so much happiness and fun.

Love always,
Your Other Mom a.k.a Rach

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