Monday, June 16, 2008

Just some chalk art right?

Ever since Sera has been home Ryan and I have tried to do things that are fun that don’t involve the television. We are not perfect (Yes I know this comes as a shock to most of you!) And so occasionally we let her watch Sponge Bob Square Pants. But in our defense, it is usually in the early morning hours where we are better off sleeping than trying to entertain her. Our idea of entertainment for her at 6:30 on Saturday mornings is “Okay Sera lay still in the dark and try to count the spots on the ceiling.” So I would say Sponge Bob is better for everyone involved.

This past weekend, however, the three of us along with my sister Becca and her hubby Spencer attended the 6th Annual Utah Foster Care Foundation Chalk Art Festival. I thought it would be this cute and pretty rinky-dink little gathering with kids drawing giant sunshines and out-lining each other. Oh how wrong I was! This thing was ridiculous! The artists were absolutely AMAZING! I don’t think Sera was nearly as impressed with the very large masterpieces that people were drawing, on the cement, WITH CHALK! But Ryan, Becca, Spencer, and I could only stare in awe. They blow that crappy flower I drew on my driveway at home completely out of the water!

My guess is there were almost 70 works of art there. There were all sorts of artists ranging from people drawing Disney or comic book characters to others literally redoing famous works of art. Some of the ones I wanted to get pictures of were just too crowded with other people so I couldn’t get a great shot. But I’ll post some of the other great works that I was able to sneak in a quick picture of.

We loved being out in the sunshine together while getting to look at all the great art! We really enjoyed ourselves and appreciate the opportunity to help with such a great cause. The Utah Foster Care Foundation really does a great job! I’ll post the link which talks about the festival and gives you last year’s winners. Check back in a week or so and maybe they will have this year’s winners posted. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we did!

This is one of the artists working on a Disney's Lilo and Stitch piece.

Here is a reproduction of a famous VanGogh painting.

This one was done by about 6 or 7 young teens & it was AMAZING!

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