Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Fun At Black Island Farms

 Ryan and I wanted to take the kids to a pick-your-own pumpkin patch this year and so I did some research and found Black Island Farms in Syracuse...yes Syracuse.  It was a blast!  We got way more than we bargained for at this place.  We were there for 3 hours and didn't get to do everything.  We could have easily spent another 2 to 3 hours if we had known and planned for it.  Even Ryan and I had a great time.  In fact, I had so much fun I think I pulled my hip muscle...oops!   Here are just a few of the many pics I took!

Gabe and Sera jumping in the Giant Inflatable Pumpkin.  It was really old and hard for them to stand in but I guess that made it more fun.  At one point Gabe lost his balance and rolled right out of the opening and onto the ground.  He then jumped up and dove back in for more.

Feeding the llamas some corn kernels.

Yes that is me going down what shall now be called the "Slide of This Was a Bad Idea"


All aboard the choo choo train!

Hold crap!  That slide was fast!

Ryan was zooming!

Gabe loves slides.  He went down this one so many times that I quit counting.

The Rubber Duck Race Track

Go Gabe! Go!

Just waiting for the Pig Races to start.  Yes, I did say Pig Races.

My Little Pumpkins

Sera was excited to be able to pick her own pumpkin from the patch.

Ryan and Gabe on the hunt for the perfect pumpkin.

It was really a fantastic day at Black Island Farms.  If you haven't been, GO!  You will have a good time.  It is worth the 40 minute drive up north.  Just beware of the slides...

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