Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Give Me Liberty

A couple weekends ago we spent the first decent Saturday we’ve had this year at Liberty Park. The kids played at the playground and ran up and down the many sidewalks. Ryan and I tried to keep up with them and also enjoyed watching the groups of people who were beating each other with foam swords. (Side note: Ryan spent a lot of time trying to explain to me why these people aren’t as bad as the people who play D&D. WASTE OF HIS TIME!)

We also took a loaf stale bread down to the pond and fed the ducks and geese. Well, we tried to feed them but the seagulls kept swooping in and eating the bread before the ducks could get to it. Dumb state bird.

After the park we went to dinner and Gabe had a great time sitting next to Becca and eating oranges. Becca teaches the kids such lovely things!

I have been having a really difficult time recently in my personal life and I find that I often get wrapped up in my emotions and forget the focus on the important things-mainly my family. I need to remember days like this and be happy. I need to remember that it gets better. So I hope you will all forgive me if I haven’t been keeping up on my posts. I am making the commitment to myself to try to blog more because it helps me remember all the reasons I have to smile. Much love to you all!

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