Sunday, June 13, 2010

Walk In the Park

This past week before everyone I know got sick with the illness that "Plague Monkey Spencer Larsen" brought around, we spent a lovely Tuesday evening with Grandma Karen, Aunt Becca, Sera, Gabe, Ryan (Who had the plague at that point.), and myself. We went to Veterans Memorial Park right by the West Jordan City Hall. It was so nice to spend our one night a week with Sera outside and playing. I feel bad that Ryan was sick but he took one for the team and spent most of the time lying on a blanket while the rest of us played.

We took lots of pictures that night. Becca loved taking Gabe the every spot at the park. And Sera, being so grown up, played with some kids her own age. I try not to hover over Sera when at the park because she would rather play with kids than with me or Ryan. But she did occasionally swing by and say hi.

This picture is of Aunt Becca and Grandma Karen pushing Gabe in the swing. As you can see, Gabe "thrilled."

And then it was Mommy's turn to push Gabe. And again...he could hardly contain his excitement.

Here we see Gabe enjoying some time in the grass. He kept trying to crawl away from us and we kept chasing him down. Just look at his bright blue eyes! If he wasn't so cute, I might not chase after him...JUST KIDDING BUBS!

And finally we have a video of Gabe and his new favorite thing: a balloon. All day we have been listening to the same squeals of delight. I secretly keep hoping that the balloon will pop but I haven't gotten lucky...yet...

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Baby Mama said...

I love your blog. Your kids are very cute.