Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I wish endings were easier. And I know the saying “With every end comes a new beginning” but it doesn’t feel that way. Even when the ending isn’t mine, I still feel for the parties involved-especially when one of those parties is a very beloved and cherished member of my family. And none of the pain or confusion that she is going through is her fault. It may seem like I am in denial when I say that it isn’t her fault but trust me, it isn’t.

And this person remains so strong. She just keeps trying to push forward even though she doesn’t understand the situation. She puts on her brave face and just keeps on loving even though she doesn’t understand why things fall apart. She was talking to me the other day and questioned why God would lead people to believe one thing, if it turns out that the exact opposite is what ends up happening. And it hurt me so deeply that these words would come out of her mouth. I don’t want her to end up questioning God because of a bad situation…not now and not ever.

So how do I make this easier for her? The situation doesn’t involve me beyond seeing her have to go through it. I can’t repair whatever damage has been done to cause this painful ending. But how can I really help? I advise her to just pray for happiness. Pray that everyone involved comes out of this with some sort of peace and contentment. I continue to remind her that I love her and that I am always here if she needs someone to talk to. And I tell her that God works in mysterious ways and sometimes, things are only meant to be for a short period of time and then we are destined to take a different path. I guess, in a way, I echo the saying that even I don’t understand: “With every end, comes a new beginning.”

I keep her and the other parties involved in my prayers. All I want is for this special member of my family to find peace and to not end up feeling ill-will to God because she doesn’t understand why something like this would happen. And I pray for the other people involved that they try to continue to do what to best for them and find the happiness that they need, however they need to.

I know this is all so vague and it is meant to be. I don’t want any feelings to get hurt or for people to get angry. I just wanted to vent a little about what is going on. It helps me sort my own thoughts out so that I can continue to try and be supportive. And please don’t worry about anything. Mostly this blog is to help me get some of my feelings and worries off my chest so that I can continue to be as good of a support to my loved one as possible.

Much love to you all and thanks for letting me vent.

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Becca said...

I'm amazed at the strength I see in this whole situation. I love your honesty and compassion. Don't give up! And stay positive like her. She is a beautiful person and so are you.