Thursday, May 22, 2008

Barney Brunswick Beagle

Ryan and mine’s new favorite thing to do, in the evenings and on weekends, is to take my Mom’s beagle Barney to Tanner Dog Park. (We are going to kidnap that dog when we leave!) Most Utah locals know this place. It is a little ravine just at the mouth of Parley’s Canyon. It has all these fantastic dirt trails and a stream. It is the best place to take your dogs for a good off-leash run! Barney loves it!

At first Barney was unsure. He is not a pure bred beagle I have decided. He is one-third beagle, one-third chicken, and one-third goat. He acts tough, runs scared, and eats everything. (Yes I mean everything! Tin cans, doormats, the vent for dryer….EVERYTHING!) So being at the dog park surrounded by all these crazy dogs made him stay so close to us, he was literally under our feet!

We have now been with him enough that Ry and I are comfortable taking him off-leash. This was scary at first. Almost like a small child, when they are more than 5 feet from you, you get anxious and call them back. But eventually it gets to the point that you quit paying attention because you are okay with them wandering off and then they chase after quail into a big bush and you have to stand there, screaming their name, until they come out.

So now Barney loves the dog park. He still is afraid of other dogs, and the creek, and anything that blows by him like a leaf or some garbage, but he loves it. And Ryan and I love taking him. It gives us a chance to be outside together and we can’t get enough of that! Being outside in the sunshine and getting to play with all the puppies is our favorite part. Barney’s favorite part? Getting to sit in Sera’s car seat on the ride to and from.

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