Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy 11th Birthday Sera

Sera turned 11-years-old on January 5, 2013.  It is crazy that she is so grown up.  Ryan and I wanted to get her something really special, something that she would really remember.  Christmas was only a couple weeks before and we didn't want to just get her more stuff so we decided to give her an experience.  So for her birthday we got her an animal encounter at the zoo.  She got to go in to the small animal building early in the morning and help the keepers get the food ready, put it out, do some animal counts, and pet some of the animals. 
Here is a picture of Ryan and the kids just outside of the small animal building.  The wolves pen is right outside the door and the 2 wolves were really active.  Ryan was really excited about that and I so I got quick picture of him and the kids. 
 Here is Sera petting some creepy snake that I was staying far away from.  She was not scared one bit and answering a lot of the questions the keeper was asking.  She is so smart!
 This is the sloth that lives in the small animal building.  She is a very old sloth and according to Sera, her top fur is a little rough but the deeper fur was really soft.  I have now learned something new about sloth fur.
Mmmm...a nice breakfast delivery for the animals from a very adorable waitress.
 And here we are in the kitchen where the food for the animals is prepared.  Sera was so happy because she got to add in the meal worms.  Oh joy!
 After the animal encounter we headed over the cafe where Ryan and the kids had some hot chocolate and french fries.  I had water and a reduced fat cheese stick.  Sera is showing off her sticker that informs everyone she was a V.I.P.
I really hope that Sera's visit to the zoo is one that she will always remember.  She is getting so big and mature.  She makes Ryan and I so proud.  I hope that she knows just how much her Dad and I love her and want nothing but the very best for her.  Happy Birthday Miss Sera.  We love you very much!  And much love to you all as well.

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