Sunday, December 16, 2012

Festive, Fun, and FREEZING!

Tonight we bundled up and braved the 38 degree weather to take Gabe to Hogle Zoo to see Zoo Lights.  At Christmas time, Hogle Zoo goes all out by putting up thousands and thousands of lights.  We have never been before but now that Gabe is REALLY into Christmas this year, we figured we would give it a shot.
 What we didn't know is that Santa was making a special visit to the zoo tonight.  While we waited in line, Gabe wrote up a list of the things he would like for Christmas-the first thing on his list was candy.  We had a little bit of a wait because Santa was extra friendly and took the time to really talk to each kid.  It was very special.
 Gabe was overwhelmed by all the beautiful lights.  We had to keep reminding him to stay with us.  But of course, even with all the extra things to look at we have to stop at his favorite places too.
 I will admit that I kept getting a little distracted myself.  For example, I loved the peacock lights.  I think Ry and I need one for our house next year.
 And this is the bridge that goes between the Rocky Shores exhibit and the Asian Highlands exhibit...this picture does NOT do it justice because I thought it was breathtaking. 
 Even better was that Gabe like the bridge just as much as I did.
 And the night wouldn't have been complete without a ride on the carousel.
 Another shot of the lights that doesn't really convey how gorgeous the zoo looks.
 I think these two figures were Gabe's favorites: a giraffe and an elephant.
So despite the fact that my nose is still trying to defrost, Zoo Lights was a lot of fun.  If you can find the time to get up to the zoo, you should.  Just be sure to dress warm and pregame with some hot cocoa.  
Much love to you all!

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