Sunday, February 27, 2011

To Shut Everyone Up

I am not going to try and catch up. Period. It is too long and complicated to review everything. Suffice it to say that December was filled with lots of changes and trials. And January was full of new beginnings and hope.

Sera is still in Hawaii (YUCK!) and we hardly get to talk to her (DOUBLE YUCK!) but when we do talk to her, she seems pretty happy. I miss her more than words can even say. I know Ryan shares my feelings. It gets especially hard when Gabe points to her picture and looks at us as if saying, “I would like to see her now please.” I miss my daughter on a daily basis and hope that she will be with us again soon.

Gabe is a toddler and likes to remind me of that daily. He is saying so much now that I am constantly surprised. He knows: Mama, Dada, Puppy, Milk, Juice, Shoes, Please, More, No, Yes, Bird, Hi, Bye, Up, Cheese, Yogurt, Grandma, Grandpa, Becca, Bath, Night Night, and Ew. Ew is my new favorite. The other day he was eating waffles with syrup for breakfast. When I got him out of his chair he ran over and grabbed the dog with his sticky hands. He then held up his hands and loudly proclaimed “EW!” Ryan and I laughed so hard I thought I might cry.

Gabe is running now. Not walking, but running. He goes and goes until he drops. He has really started to play with his toys like you would expect them to be played with. He is especially fond of his trucks which he will take into the kitchen and roll around on the linoleum while making trucks noises.

Ryan and I consider ourselves very lucky to be where we are at in our lives. We have 2 healthy kids. We are both have full-time jobs. We have a home. We have amazing family! And we have some great friends.

I know I have not been blogging lately. And I apologize to all my family and friends. I know that many of you read this daily and I have heard about my lack of blogging. Just know that I went through some things that really made me think. And I needed the time away to collect myself and focus on what is important. I am not going to get too serious on you. After all, this is me we are talking about. But I promise to try harder for now until I have another emotional breakdown and the doctor has to increase the dose on my “happy pills” again.

For now, I leave you with my “What I Have Learned” 2010 list.

What I Have Learned From 2010

1. Giving someone, who has proven them self to be evil on countless occasions, the benefit of the doubt is a waste of time.
2. People who matter will always come back into your life when you need them most.
3. Kids are the most incredible blessing.
4. Having a husband who loves you enough to tell you that you are not okay is also a blessing and a life-saver.
5. Your family can be your best friends.
6. Skin cancer the size of a seed can leave one hell of a scar.
7. You can survive anything as long as you have hope.
8. Blue frosting can stain your skin.
9. It is possible to fit 6 adults and 8 kids in a bounce house.
10. Honey helps with sore throats, coughs, and catching flies.
11. Some day she will know who we are and that we are good people.
12. Be grateful for what you have.
13. Save more money because that rainy day is sometimes a tsunami.
14. Friends you had in high school can still be some of the coolest people you know.
15. Dogs will eat anything, including 14-month-old peanut oil. (And P.S. It gives them wicked-bad gas!)
16. Crockpots are one of the most AMAZING appliances ever!
17. Learn everything you can from your Grandparents and Parents because, as it turns out, they really know their shit.
18. God loves everyone despite what church they attend.
19. Utah is crazy but not as crazy as Arizona.
20. Be kind to everyone and be open to communication-sometimes people who you once thought of as the opposition can turn out to be allies.
21. Ryan Scott Baker = My Rock, My Heart, and My Very Best Friend
22. Seraphim Dawn Baker = My Hope, My Dream, and My Precious
23.Gabriel Scott Baker = My Sunshine, My Smile, and My Motivation

Love to you all!

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Lacie said...

I hope 14 is a shoutout to me...only because I'm conceded :)
Really though...even if it's not...I'm happy to see you blogging again....just so I can steal your pictures and put them on MY blog