Monday, August 24, 2009

Hakuna Matata

I was lucky enough to spend my weekend with my step-daughter Sera. She is always so much fun to hang out with and she is always full of funny stories. My sister practically begged me (on her knees) to post this little gem of a story so I will.

Saturday morning Becca came to pick up Sera and I to go do a little shopping for the baby. Turns out, you need to have the binkies and bottles BEFORE the baby arrives-who knew? Anyway, we head to Babies’R’Us (Or as I like to call it “Mecca”) and as we walk into the front door, there is the corner, glistening in all it’s 50 cent glory, is a Pumba ride. You know Pumba, the pig...err…I mean, warthog from The Lion King.

Well Sera runs over to it and gently caresses its piggy head and says “Look at this fun ride! And it is only 50 cents.” Becca and I try to pretend we didn’t hear her comment and ask her if we should use a blue cart or a purple cart. She repeats her statement about the ride a couple more times until we acknowledge her. She looks at us disheartened when we simply said, “Cool. Come on Sera-let’s go look at bottles.”

As we walk through the store she keeps bringing up that darn ride. I know that I don’t have any quarters in my purse so I try to distract her. Becca, on the other hands has some change and bargains with her. The deal? If Sera is good the rest of the time we are in the store, she can ride the Pumba ride.

So we quickly finish and Sera races out to the entrance area and hops on Pumba. She is kicking her feet and holding tight to the handles. Her smile expresses nothing but pure joy and anticipation. Becca inserts the two quarters and we both watch as the ride starts.

It is slow. Very slow. The pig must have had knee replacements recently or is suffering from a groin pull because he isn’t going fast. We watch as the huge smile slips from Sera’s face. She now looks confused. I can almost read her mind from the look on her face. “I behaved for THIS?” She doesn’t misbehave as it is, but she was extra good in the store and now, for the fruits of her labor, all she gets is a 60 second ride on a warthog that moves like an obese arthritic person.

Her feet have quit swinging and now hang lifelessly at the sides. She isn’t even holding on anymore. She folded her arms and is resting her head on top of Pumba’s head. She gives us a very unenthusiastic “Yee haw.” Becca and I are trying as best we can to contain our laughter but it is really hard.

I ask her if she wants to get down and she heaves a sigh and says “No. That’s okay.” Once the ride is over, she slides off and turns around to stare at Pumba. She frowns a little but then turns and walks out with us. We ask her if the ride was fun and she hesitates but then says “Yes.”

Maybe you had to be there to see her face. But any of you that know Sera, can picture the face she was making. It was so funny! She always makes me laugh and I am so glad that she is back in Utah. Her absence has left a HUGE hole in Ryan’s and my life for the last 2 years and would cannot begin to express how glad we are that she is back home.

And also, on a side note, I am officially just over 37 weeks pregnant and now considered a “full term” pregnancy. If I were to go into labor now, I could go straight to the hospital and they wouldn’t stop the baby from coming. YAY! Except that, we do not want to induce until September 4th. So everyone, keep praying for that date and I will let you know as things unfold. Love to everyone!

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